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Chotchkes Trend: Home is Now the Hub

home is the hub of people's lives

At A Glance

  • In the current climate, people spend more time at home than ever before
  • This means customers are trending towards products that make their home a more livable space for work, rest, exercise and just hanging out
  • Your brand can turn a customer’s home from the place they have to be, to the place they want to be.

With everyone working from home these days, our spaces house a wide range of activities. Now our home has to hold our aspirations of producing great work and winding down after a long day. Many people are making upgrades and adjustments to their home to create an atmosphere that fosters personal and career success. This means you can create a more sustained presence in your customer’s life by integrating your brand with the home. Here are trends to watch for in the Promo industry that are all about making your home the hub of your life.

Seamless Transition

Now there’s no need to worry about your appearance in your workspace, except when you need to look decent from the waist up for a video meeting. For this reason customers want versatile clothes that feel and look good while getting work done, exercising, and lounging on the couch. Steer customers towards athleisure that can always fit what they are looking for. Collectively, people veer from items that feel complicated or uncomfortable. Customers want to seamlessly transition from one thing to the next.

Look for footwear that feels good around the house but functions well for walking the dog or making a trip to the grocery store. As people spend more time at home, slippers and slides are more sought after. Versatile house shoes can market your brand and make a constant appearance in the lives of your customers.

Capitalize on comfort

For many new work-from-homers, their office is actually their kitchen table or a not-so-comfortable desk that used to only exist as decoration. This means customers are looking for ways to feel at ease in their work environment and minimize distracting thoughts about an uncomfortable chair. Customers want products like a padded chair cushion, lumbar backrest or keyboard rests. These items will keep people feeling happily productive thanks to your brand’s comfortable additions.

As comfortable as your home can feel, people are always open to products that can increase their contentment. Consider ways to take a customer’s comfort to another level. Weighted blankets can decrease stress and anxiety, which helps when you can’t escape work stress because your home is also your office. Help people ease into a peaceful setting with a room diffuser. This item can help your customer feel focused or relaxed. Products like these will brand you as a companion to feeling content.

Environment to Thrive

Due to all the changes happening in the world, people don’t have their usual outlets to stay healthy mentally. This means customers want to make their homes a place to thrive in every aspect of their life. Focus on products that integrate wellbeing and ways to unplug, these products will show your brand cares about the customer completely. Highlight products that de-stress and ease the strain on your body from work. Think about products like blue light blocking glasses, that will help your customer keep unhealthy levels of blue light from their eyes so they can fall asleep at night after a long workday.

Products that also alleviate stress like a yoga mat or self-care items will help your customers switch gears and take a break. Emphasize ways to boost wellness and healthy habits at home. This means that when customers are missing their gym or spa, your brand can offer an outlet for boosting their well being.

Wrap Up

Current trends show that people want a home that is comfortable and fulfills every need. Be the brand that can make a customer’s home the ideal spot for every task. Following this trend will set you apart as a vital aspect of your customer’s life.

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