About Us

At Chotchkes, we have set out to tackle some of the more significant challenges facing the promotional products industry. We are building robust e-commerce tools that employ the industry-leading PromoStandards, an open-source set of standards that enable promotional products industry professionals to improve customer experiences, reduce order errors, and communicate custom order status promptly.

Our expanding network of promotional product distributor professionals provides decades of industry experience with tools that have not been available to promotional product distributors in the past. Chotchkes’ e-commerce platform uses the PromoStandards product data from the industry’s most reliable manufacturers and suppliers. The list of product suppliers grows every day as more suppliers adopt PromoStandards.

The mission at Chotchkes is to build enduring relationships, and strive for excellence in all we do. As an e-commerce retailer, we respond to the needs of our clients and users. 


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