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Where to Start: Black Lives Matter

Black People United - Anti-Racist
Art by Queenbe Monyei @queenbemonyei

At a Glance

  • Chotchkes stands with Black Lives Matter and aims to be a leader in inclusivity
  • Education alone cannot turn us into Anti-racists, but it can help us understand why, and how we can move towards a better world
  • These resources can help us become more educated as we take informed action

Why it’s not Enough to be Not-Racist

Growing numbers want to understand how racism has and continues to flow through our systems. People felt shocked after hearing about the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and reacted with disbelief. However, many People of Color have accurately pointed out that recent events are not new. These tragedies reflect the reality of Black Americans. It’s positive to see people waking up, but white people need to join the collective that lies awake at night over racism.

Many want to learn how to be an ally to people of color and fight racism, but this education cannot replace active change. Reading about how to become an anti-racist cannot rid you of racism. Education cannot immediately produce change, but it can help us better understand why things need to change.

Reading about how to be an anti-racist or educating yourself on black history cannot replace the work required to eradicate racism. Moreover, the Black Lives Matter movement is not about self-improvement for white people, but lifting up and protecting people of color. Chotchkes stands with Black Lives Matter and is working to become a leader for change in the Promo space. Above all, we recognize that we have a ways to go, and recent events should not remain a single rally cry but a rising voice, resonating onward towards a better future.

We are sharing a list of stories and people to listen to in an effort to awaken ourselves and encourage others to do the same. These voices cannot do the inner work for you or me. These resources can help us all move towards being an anti-racist and an ally to people of color.

News To Follow

Because of them We Can highlight black leaders, good news, and inspiring stories in the black community. This news source works to shed light on positive change happening in the black community.

Podcasts worth hearing

Codeswitch is a podcast by NPR by journalists of color. They talk about the role of race in every aspect from pop culture to politics. COdeswitch includes everyone in the conversation and offers perspectives you may have overlooked.

Witness Black History is by BBC and interviews people around key moments of the civil rights movement. This podcast serves to open eyes to the black experience and the way these voices have been largely ignored by history books.

Books to read

How to use your difference to make a difference is written by Tayo Rockson, a black leader of a consulting firm. Rockson has given multiple ted talks on the subject of race. Rockson talks about how to be an ally of any person that you might consider “other.”

How to be an Anti-Racist has soared in popularity and become a critical book for the exploration and understanding of racism. Ibram X. Kendi reframes our thinking so that readers will leave understanding racism and how to oppose its hold on our society.

People to Follow

Ryan Williams is one of a few black CEO’s of a large company in the U.S. He uses his voice to call out broken systems of America and push industries towards change.

Glo is an author of creative content that focuses on learning about Anti-Racism and unpacking our implicit biases. Glo asks questions most are afraid to ask so readers can do the inner work required to bring outward change.

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