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Building Customer Loyalty and Influencing Sales during Coronavirus

Coronavirus has posed a challenge for brands to connect with consumers, but promotional products can bring innovation into your relationships to build brand loyalty and prosper your business.

Connect with Consumers and Build Relationships

We are now deep within pandemic life and most of us are accustomed to the new means of relating to the world. With a more secure and streamlined way of communicating, people are seeing benefits from the ease of working from home. But the monotony of zoom, email, and phone calls may leave you feeling burnt out and trapped with limited means of reaching people. Most interactions now involve a specific purpose, which makes it hard to reach out to simply to show you care.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, facing the same problem together has its unlikely benefits. This current climate offers a unique setting to relate to existing or potential clients. Many are in a frenzy looking for stable things in their life to hold onto as situations evolve. Lacking community solidarity built through workspaces, places of worship, and gyms, people are also seeking reminders that though they are isolated, they are not alone. With a desire for stability, trust, and community, it’s a great time to build and establish new relationships in your field. If you prove your strong value of relationships, the people you hope to capture will feel more inclined to lean in, listen, and join your brand.

Promotional Products can Establish and Affirm Relationships

You can attempt to establish stronger relationships in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic with virtual messaging, but your efforts may only add to the noise swarming around your audience. If you aren’t sure how to affirm your business relationships or establish a new connection, promotional products are a great way to convey your care and desire to help. Coronavirus stripped every bit of physicality from communication and forced it to go virtual. Promotional products will safely put an object in someone’s hand that will inform them of your brand and prove your desire to cultivate a relationship. They also prove your brand is fun and engaging at a time when everyone wants a reason to smile. Promotional products will break the flow of typical messaging that populate our inbox and our lives during this pandemic.

Think about captivating their attention with universally needed products like PPE, hand sanitizer, or a wireless power bank. Add something new to their home life such as stress balls, adult coloring books, or a cozy blanket. Contributing a new element to people’s established landscape can benefit you now more than before. With everyone spending more time at home, your personalized item will noticeably differentiate the moments before and after your brand entered your audience’s sphere.

Now is the Time to Invest in Customer Loyalty

Promotional products have proven to establish a greater sense of loyalty to your brand. Not everyone has the means or insight to build brand loyalty in the current environment. Relationships that benefit from your focus during coronavirus can establish a more reliable connection than ever before. Others in your sphere may have stopped surveying new opportunities, which gives you a greater reason to take initiative and stop waiting for the phone to ring.

Learning how to innovate can create a more substantial, more adaptable, and more prosperous business moving forward. People will remember the brands who showed them compassion when times were tough. As the pandemic evolves, that same audience will want to continue their positive relationship as they continue business with you. As your circle of loyal followers grows you’ll also instill a sense in all parties that everyone has an opportunity for growth, no matter the climate.

In Conclusion

During coronavirus, relationships are more important now than ever. Thoughtful promotional products can prove that your brand will stick by people’s sides. Consumers don’t like to change as circumstances go up and down, they want brands that will shift with them as life’s moments happen. That means this challenging moment is an opportunity for your brand to build loyalty.

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