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What Does Your Pen Say about You?

Your pen habits say something about you

Do you think twice about lending a pen to a coworker? Or readily share yours because you want other people to get hooked on your favorite brand? People have their quirks when it comes to pens. We think these isms really say something about you. Want to know what your pens say about you?

Ballpoint Pen

You don’t question a classic, you’ aren’t picky, and you’re up for anything. You wouldn’t hesitate to share your pens because you probably have a whole stash, and you don’t hold things tightly.

Drawer of Random Pens

You know the quality is in the writer, not the thing they write with. Plus, you may like to pick the pen that suits your mood. You’re even more laid back than the ballpoint people, but it might be time to clean out your stash. There’s a good chance that half of your collection has dried up.

Multi-Colored Permanent Markers

You either just moved, or you’re really into labeling things. Like really into it, so much so that color coordinating is a high priority. You sleep better knowing things are in their place and bring order to your world.

multicolored, multifunction pens

Multi-Function Pens

These pens are super functional even though the levers can get stuck as you shift from red to blue. You don’t care, because you like to keep your options open and your pages colorful. You write things with varying levels of significance and meanings and want your nuance to stand out.

Rollerball Pens

This choice may be associated with borderline snobbery, but the benefits out weight the stigma in your mind. You like your words to appear boldly. Your ideas quickly transpire through ink that moves fast, and you like having smartpens to accompany your brilliance.

triangular shaped highlighter

Triangular Highlighter

You know how to go for the gold when offered a bunch of free objects at trade shows. There’s a good chance that highlighter outlives your dog, but that’s okay with you. You just hold onto the good stuff and enjoy it as long as you can.


You’re easily captivated by a sense of nostalgia. Or maybe you’re just willing to own the fact that you aren’t flawless and need to erase and begin again sometimes. You and your work are approachable and adaptive to change.

Blue-ink Pen

you like to mess with the status quo and make your mark distinctive from everyone else. You aren’t disturbed by the sight of an entirely black and white sheet with touches of blue. If this isn’t you and you love your blue pens, you might just feel extra protective of your pens, and like that a rogue blue ink sighting gives away a possible pen thief.

Fountain Pen

You like to own your fancy. You’re not ashamed of your love for the finer things. If you aren’t that fancy, maybe some relative gave you a fountain pen for a momentous occasion, and you just couldn’t let quality go to waste. Either way, you give off the feeling that you’re an aspiring Dickens.

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